ETCH biotrace uses non-GMO biomarkers which are certified GRAS and have no impact on human health or other organisms.

The biomarkers are made of inert material that is destroyed when exceeding high temperatures (combustion) or consumed. They could not be used to trace consumption and do not persist into blood, urine or other human tissue.

ETCH biotrace is a technology developed by TheraCann International which provides true supply chain provenance (a record of ownership/transactions used as a guide to authenticity or quality) for the cannabis and hemp market. The ETCH process integrates a unique, safe and persistent DNA "barcoded" molecule into the cannabis (or hemp) supply chain for the identification of any biomass, extraction, isolate, derivative or packaging combined with an integrated software interface protected by a non-appendable distributed ledger (blockchain) for transparency and testing.

The ETCH biotrace solution includes the physical tagging technology (dry room fogging, agro-drones, ETCH tags for isolate or extractions, inks, etc), the ETCH operational portal and software integration to any seed to sale system/tracking system, complete Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and compliance integration for regulatory requirements (including GMP), blockchain data protection layer, PCR field testing units, test strips, documentation and support.

The markers do survive most extraction processes and can be used to trace chain of custody to one producer, even in material that has been mixed with other biomass, extracted, and then processed into a derivative product (some conditions do apply sufficient heat of some processes may break down the biomarker; each derivative is considered on a case by case basis).

As ETCH biotrace is used to track and trace legal production, processing and distribution of cannabis, it can be used by law enforcement agencies, public health regulators, auditors, producers, processors and distributors.


As the global community moves towards international legalization of cannabis, it is imperative to adequately trace it.

As cannabis has largely been an illegal/illicit activity up until recently and the activities of the black market and grey market (black market cannabis being sold through a licensed entity), the need to properly differentiate legal cannabis has never been more important.

Issues relating to diversion, corporate and product insurance, quality assurance, law enforcement, fraud detection, and consumer protection are ever prevalent in many current licensed countries.

ETCH biotrace confirms legality and location of production, and when integrated to Sprout AI and OS2 technologies, compliance with quality assurance, law enforcement, fraud detection and consumer protection.

No. ETCH biotrace, depending on application technology used to apply to cannabis, the cost is only pennies a gram.