Global Traceability

Establishing a secure and traceable vertical cultivation supply chain.

Global Integration

Integrates directly to Sprout AI cultivation and OS2 record compliance technologies.

Global Application

Applicable to multiple cultivation, production, and processing technologies.


made easy

Legalizing Vertical Cultivation
one producer at a time
for international transactions.


ETCH biotrace provides a solution for governments, regulators, law enforcement, producer, processors and distributors.

ETCH biotrace Benefits

  • Easy to apply
    Sterile mist application
  • Reliable application
    Ensures attachment
  • Secure attachment
    Providing piece of mind
  • Easy to detect
    Confirming legality
  • Safe to use
    No harmful effect
  • Easily integrated
    Integrate to supply chain

Tracking solution for the entire vertical cultivation supply chain!

International regulations, pre-existing black markets, overwhelming market demand versus existing legal supply require tracking solutions that are repeatable, economic, practical, scalable and safe.

A Tracking Solution
working 24/7

Tracking solutions that cannot be pulled off, modified, or otherwise altered.

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We do this to reduce black and grey market and to promote legal vertical cultivation.

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Black Market to Grey Market, the illicit pot market is no longer dominated by street gangs, outlaw motorcycle clubs and organized crime.

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Black market focuses on online stores.

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Canada's rocky legal-marijuana rollout has been plagued by product shortages, out-of-control lines, and distribution issues — and people are turning to the black market

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Canadians will prefer buying well-priced legal pot over black market, study says.

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